What setup for our room?

  • 21 November 2021
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Hi all,

recently bought an Sony 65 inch X90J and are now looking to add a sound setup.

Our TV-room is in the basement, height to ceiling is about 6,9 feet. The room is L-shaped and the TV is around the corner like the picture below. The distance from wall where tv stand to next wall where sofa is are about 10,5 feet. The totalt width is about 20 feet.

Now we want a good all round setup without spending to much (ie sub, soundbar and rears). I am looking at either Arc alone, Beam gen 2 alone or Beam gen 2 with Ikea Symfonisk as rear. Given the room layout which option do you think will do best?


1 reply

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The Beam (Gen 2) should work well in that space. And since one side of the space will be open to the right of the sound bar, I would add the surround speakers to give you more balanced rear surround audio.