What setup for a turntable and a projector in the same room

  • 4 January 2024
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I am currently reshuffling my living room and was thinking of switching to Sonos.

The initial reason is that I really enjoy the ERA 300 aesthetics, but I can’t figure out a rational configuration to suit my needs.

In the same room, I would either :

  • listen to the turntable. I wish to use a 2 speakers stereo configuration.
  • watch tv through a projector (with HDMI arc)

A pair of ERA 300 + a beam gen2 does not work, as the ERA would have to be configured as rear channels of the beam, and would not be usable as an entry point for the turntable.

Then I thought to a Sonos Amp, able to deal with the turntable and the HDMI, but the Amp is not compatible with ERA 300.


Is there any configuration that would make sense for my requirements ?

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3 replies

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You could have the Eras set up as a stereo pair, rather than as surrounds. In Sonos’ terminology, a “room” is just a label to identify speakers so you could call the Era’s “Music” and the Beam can be “TV”, or “Lounge”, or “anything you like”. Some folk have a full 5.1 Arc/Sub/surrounds setup for home theatre, plus a stereo-pair of Fives for music, but all in the same physical room in their home. 

Okay that’s one option. Would make me sad to have the ERA 300 silent while watching tv.

If we forget ERA 300, is there any other speaker combination to allow turntable input AND HDMI input ? The best I can think of right now is a Sonos Amp with non-Sonos passive speakers.

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Hi @benn3rZ 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Amp is the only Sonos product to provide both Line-In and HDMI connectivity. Any other configuration that allows both would need more than one product and thus be more expensive (assuming you already have passive speakers).

Otherwise, as @nik9669a suggests, you could have (for example) a Beam or Arc connected to HDMI, and other speakers (such as Era 300s) handling Line-In in the same physical room, but configured as separate rooms/zones in the Sonos app.

I hope this helps.