What next??

I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and i need help making the right decision!!
I have a playbar in the lounge with tv and wonder whether to go for the subwoofer or 2 x play 1's. Really interested to hear peoples thoughts as my local independent arent always glowing in terms of support for Sonos.....thanks in advance.

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That set up really works for me and I love listening to music in 5.1 surround sound, but check the TV and Blu ray players for compatibility on the mega thread before you take the plunge would be my advice.
Thanks for reply.....did you buy the speakers in any order or just all in one go? I can't afford to buy sub and play 1s at the same time????
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I started with one Play 1, quickly made it a stereo pair and bought a couple of Play 5's. I then invested in the sub which sounded great with my Play 1's and then added the Playbar. Fortunately my Sony TV was already capable of playing 5.1 via the optical cable and I bought a new blu ray player (Samsung H6500) after reading the mega thread. In your situation I'd probably buy a sub next as that will really make a big difference to your listening experience.
Hmmmm, that's the expensive way first!! I started with a single play 3, then a playbar. Will have to convince the wife the extra expense is worth it!! Basically you're saying the greater bass and depth is better than the stereo sound?
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It is for me - the sub is expensive but I reckon it's worth it if you can afford it. Each to their owning course and worthwhile listening to in the likes of Richer Sounds if you can ask them to set it up for you - you could also compare with two Play 1's. Most reviews of the sub are very positive aside from the cost.

I have a playbar in the lounge with tv and wonder whether to go for the subwoofer or 2 x play 1's.

If the only objective is to upgrade the sound from this set up, I think Sub. It will add more to the music and movie experience than what a 1 pair as surround speakers would.
I would go for the sub aswell, its the most expensive piece of the all (and the one that gives the most bang for the bucks (see what i did there)). Adding the Play 1s later is a low cost but nice addition to the experience.
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I voted for getting the sub and 2 play 1s(surround), its expensive, but it's what I did, I also started with a playbar, and hooked up.... already.....
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I'd buy the 2 x Play:1's first (subject to your TV being able to pass through 5.1 or otherwise a suitable switch). You'll instantly gain a 5.0 set up. The Sub can come later and will be a welcomed addition.
What are you using it for? What kind of music are you listening to, etc.? Is it just for the tv? Your answer should be able to dictate your answer.
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