What is the best Sonos set up for my house?

  • 29 November 2016
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I have two living room areas with smart TVs.

For the upstairs living room I already have a Polk audio sound bar and sub woofer. As of now I think I will need the sonos connect(?)(and if I need this which one?) and a pair of additional sonos play1s.

For the basement living room I'd like to get two sets of play 1s and a sonos bar and sub. Do I need a connect down here?

I don't really know what I need. But that is what I think I might need. My end goal is to be able to have the system playing sound from the tv, YouTube videos thrown up on the screen from my phone (I have a Roku but anything other than Apple TV let me just throw stuff onto the tv?) and jump back and forth to Spotify with my phone during commercials etc.

I think it would be cool to have voice activation capabilities too, google home maybe? Or Alexa? Or maybe neither would work.

Let me know what you guys think, any help is appreciated as I'm brand new to sonos systems!

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1 reply


Upstairs. You cannot integrate the Play:1s with non-Sonos gear for surround sound. The Connect would allow you to stream music to your Polk soundbar and sub if the Polk has a suitable input. Not sure it's a good idea though. Maybe just have the P:1s for music and keep the TV sound non-Sonos.

Basement. Playbar, Sub and two P:1s give you surround sound and streaming music. No need for a Connect. You can play Spotify from the Sonos app and shortly will be able to do so from the Spotify app.

Sonos has announced that proper integration with Echo / Alexa is being worked on and is expected early 2017.