what do i need to add turntable to my existing set up is it a port .?

  • 6 April 2023
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Hi last year I bought the surround sound set for my living room and I now want to be able to play vinyl, I know I need the turntable but do I need the PORT or the amp ? 


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Port, Amp, Five, Era 300, and Era 100 all have aux line in capabilities you can use for a turntable.  You will need the extra audio adapter for the Era speakers though.  If you prefer to connect via bluetooth (you have a bluetooth capable turntable), you can use the Roam, Era 300, or Era 100.  (Move has bluetooth capabilities but cannot share it’s connection with your other speakers)

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And remember you need either a turntable with built in pre-amp or a turntabel and a separate pre-amp.

If you want to play vinyl records through your Sonos surround sound system, you will need a turntable as well as either the Sonos Port or a Sonos Amp. The Port is designed specifically for integrating traditional audio components, such as a turntable, into your Sonos system, while the Amp can also power traditional speakers in addition to integrating with Sonos. Both the Port and Amp will allow you to stream vinyl audio to your Sonos speakers, but the Amp may provide more flexibility if you plan to add other traditional audio components to your system in the future.

Do I need to add a turntable preamp if I am using Sonos AMP, or does AMP have preamp built in

Do I need to add a turntable preamp if I am using Sonos AMP, or does AMP have preamp built in


In this case a "preamp" is a phono preamp, which converts the RIAA phono equalization of the record to the line level input used by Sonos.  So it has nothing to do with the AMP or an amplifier at all.

My traditional amplifier had a phono in port, so essentially a phono preamplifier built in. My question was, is the rca ports equivalent, but I am going with “nope”, go buy a preamplifier 

That’s correct, the Sonos product does not include a pre-amp, otherwise they’d need two sets of line ins, one labeled phono, the other for pretty much everything else. 

Thanks Bruce, that makes complete sense!