What device do I need

  • 20 June 2023
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I have a turntable and my own speakers what device do i need.  No TV no gaming.  

6 replies

To drive your own pair of speakers, a Sonos Amp is your only choice. You’ll need a preamp for the turntable, or it will need to have an internal preamp. 

Can the Sonos connect work as well?  A lot cheaper.  Can you do multiple rooms with that.


Thank you for replying

No, it doesn’t have the power to amplify the sound for your speakers. The CONNECT has been replaced by the Port. The CONNECT:AMP has been replaced by the Sonos Amp.

The Connect Amp will power 4 speakers and a turntable?

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  • Amp can drive speakers with nominal impedance above 4 ohms. Two pairs of 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel are also supported. Don’t wire your speakers in series because it will result in poor sound quality.


It does not power the turntable, but a turntable (with @ built in or external preamp) kan be connected to it.

Note that the CONNECT:AMP and the Sonos Amp have significantly different power ratings. If memory serves, the Sonos Amp is close to double the power available.