What config for high celling?

  • 7 September 2023
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Hi all,

I’m new to this forum. My name is Mark, and I need some advice on the setup with a high ceiling. I was looking to buy Arc or Beam, but not sure if Dolby Atmos would work in this setup. The top of the ceiling in the middle is 4m.

Soundbar preferred as I want to minimise cables, but open to other configurations if the ceiling is an issue. Assume windows would be closed while watching TV, and the view here is from the wall closing the room.

Any suggestions on the recommended setup would be much appreciated.






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Hi @MarkMarky 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

There is a bit of complicated geometry above the TV there in your picture, but it’s tricky to say whether or not it would prevent the Atmos height effect from bouncing back to you.

I recommend you buy direct - you’ll have 45 days to test things out with the Arc, and if it doesn’t work well with your ceilings, you could return it and opt for the Beam (Gen2) instead. Beam virtualises the vertical Atmos channels, so the geometry of the room/ceiling is less important to the sound than with Arc.

You haven’t mentioned surrounds, but I’d probably recommend a pair of Era 100s on stands behind the sofa as the Era 300s would also struggle with the ceiling geometry - more so, as they’d be under the highest point of the ceiling, by the look of it. Getting power to them without a nearby wall with outlets on it may be an issue, however.

I hope this helps.