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  • 4 August 2018
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Ideals for Vacation Rental Owners who have purchased Sonos for their rental property.

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3 replies

I originally purchased Sonos for my vacation rental on Hawaii because of the ease of use, and the tremendous sound quality. I now find that the Sonos system is becoming more complex. For example, the account is under my email address. What happens when I'm on the mainland and my system needs an update?
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Hi, gettalife. Thank you for your post. In all honesty, beyond providing the password to the (temporary) residents of your rental, there is currently no way to go about this. Theoretically, you could lean on such features as AirPlay and Spotify Connect. With regards to the use of the Sonos interface, however, the system does need to be kept up to date- the password being provided immediately before each update.

If it were me, I would likely register the system to my business e-mail address and then make the password "HawaiiRentalSonosUpdate" (or something to that effect). If you would prefer not to do this, I do not think Sonos is the appropriate solution for that environment. This may sound like heresy from a Sonos employee, however, it's important to us that you have the audio solution that works optimally for your needs. Let me know your thoughts.
Hi Edward - I appreciate your thoughts on this. It is my experience that there are two different kinds of updates. There's the update that you can just ignore and allow you to continue to operate Sonos, and there's the update the freezes the system until you update. That later update is the big problem. If the hardware is already registered under my email address, would it be possible to create an alias to give to the guests? This is not ideal, and the ease of use, which is the reason I originally purchased Sonos, is down the toilet, but it's better than nothing. The other option would be if we could update remotely. By the way, can Sonos update the hardware directly?
Thank you!