Use existing sub with Sonos Arc and Amp in 5.1 setup ??

  • 4 August 2021
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Hello, all. I’m brand new to Sonos and have been doing research on upgrading/updating my current 5.1 home theater setup (LG OLED55B7P TV, Yamaha receiver, center, front surrounds mounted to wall, in-ceiling rear surrounds, JBL subwoofer). 

My goal was to see if I can eliminate the Yamaha receiver (I no longer have any other components connected to it), and also eliminate the center and two front surround speakers … but continue to use the rear surround in-ceiling speakers and my existing subwoofer.

I thought that Sonos Arc (for center + fronts) and Sonos Amp (for rears and sub) would get me there … but it sounds like I will NOT be able to use my existing JBL subwoofer in this configuration, is that correct?  Because (if my understanding is correct) the Amp will disable the subwoofer connection when the speakers that are connected to the Amp are used as surrounds?

If that is the case … then, damn!!  So close.  I won’t be pulling the trigger on Sonos.  Are there any other options that would allow me to continue to use my existing in-ceiling rear surrounds and my existing sub?

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You are correct that you will not be able to use your existing subwoofer with the Sonos Arc. If you want to use your subwoofer, your only Sonos option would be to get two Sonos Amps:

  1. One Amp to power a pair of speakers for your left front and right front channels and connect your existing subwoofer.
  2. One Amp to power the two in-ceiling speakers as rear surrounds.