Upgrading a Panasonic TV 50HX800 audio

Hi, I have a Panasonic 50HX800 used for streaming video and music from Apple TV 4K (Netflix with subtitles, Spotify, podcasts, my own music on a server). My budget is limited.

The TV sounds better than expected with speech (film dialogue, podcasts), which is the most important for me (I study languages), while music is not great (tolerable, for a while). 

My options:

  • invest in a used Beam gen 1. now (currently around 130€/$)
  • wait/save and invest in a used Beam gen. 2 (330 €)
  • wait/save and invest in a used Sub Mini (alas, 350 €)
  • start with a less-expensive sub
  • a combination of the above.

Panasonic has a headphone-out that doubles as a subwoofer-out (which I understand requires an active sub, but I’m not sure if a Sub Mini alone can be an option).

I would need

  • suggestions for a setup that would improve my audio in a foreseeable future
  • clarification: is there a risk of experiencing out-of-synch audio and video/subtitles? (it would be the worst scenario if it happens and cannot be fixed)

I am a noob to Sonos but not afraid of fiddling with options, in case.

Thank you in advance for your help


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You cannot use a Sonos Sub (mini) as a stand alone device. On your limited budget I’d go for the Beam. For me the possibility of Atmos on the Beam Gen 2 would not warrant the difference in price between a second hand Beam Gen 1 (from a trusted source) and a new Gen 2.

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Bean Gen 1 to start, I have three and they are pretty decent for TV and audio.

A Sub-Mini is a good pairing, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

While shopping keep an eye out for a pair of matched surrounds, I have Play 1s and One SLs that both go well with the Beam.


Refurbished instead of used: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/search?q=refurbished

Sonos ebay stores: