Upgrade from Playbar and Ones to Arc and Fives?

  • 28 November 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi everyone,

I am 55 years old and have suffered from tinnitus for years. In my living room where I watch TV and listen to music (which helps with the tinnitus) I currently have the Sonos 5.1 setup with a playbar, a pair of Play 1s and a Gen 2 sub together with a Boost. I am considering upgrading to an Arc (to go with my new Samsung 55inch TV) and upgrading the Play 1s to a pair of Fives.  

Does anyone have this set-up? Is it a good balance between surround sound TV and music? Or is it overkill? My wife often complains about me having to turn the volume up - will the Arc and 5s allow better volume control at lower volumes? Or will the sound be deafening? 

2 replies

You and your wife have my sympathy. When one member of the family has a hearing issue, everyone suffers. My father would constantly criticize us -- “don’t yell, I can hear” (not). He would not wear his hearing aids. You have a much better attitude.

In my opinion, Arc has a better defined midrange and, while some will disagree with me, I think that FIVE’s are more fun in the rears during action movies. That said, this will not cure the issue of your wife wanting lower levels than you.  This can also be an issue when everyone has normal hearing, but one member wants dramatically different levels.

Ultimately, I think that you will be better off with headphones. Unfortunately, this will inhibit casual conversation between you and your wife.

I installed two new Fives last night and the sound is a step change better - it’s broader making it easier to hear individual sounds even at a lower volume. I am waiting for a new Arc soundbar to replace my older Playbar.