Updated play 3 coming?

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I’m suspicious that a new play 3 is coming. Sonos has been out of stock for weeks!

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What do you mean by "their shop"? Are you talking about a physical location? If I click on "Products" at the top of this page, it still lists the PLAY:3, although it does say "no longer available". I'm in the US.

That being said, I'm certainly of the belief that it's on its way out. Speculating on what might be in a new replacement, if there is a replacement, is interesting. Certainly a microphone for voice, but any other changes? Guess we need to wait for some announcement. Sonos' marketing team doesn't like to talk about stuff much before they're just about to ship, so I'm not really willing to hold my breath. But I will continue to enjoy the PLAY:3s I have for many years to come.

Well i just spoke to sonos in norway and on the norwegian website the Play:3 is totally not anywhere at all. the website lists Play:1, One, Play 5, Beam, sub, etc but Not play:3. the guy i spoke to gave a little indirect hint that i basicly "forced" out of him. He was the one noticing me about the Play:3 not at all on the norwegian Sonos Shop. (web)
Interesting. Thanks for that information. It's still showing in the US shop, as I indicated, albeit not in stock.
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hmm. due to the information in the begining that you stated, i believe they'll announce / start sale before christmas / in the chirstmas season to get alot of sales. play:3 is the oldest device and as the Sonos Emplyee told me, they've "basicly" renewing their collection with voice control and stuff like that. so i assume Play:3 will get that + some other improvements.

Right now i have 1 beam, 1 play:3 and i was asking him about the play:3 stand. that's when he told me that i couldn't buy the Play:3 of them (due to it not being for sale at their website) and that if i'd like a surround system with 2 Play:3 i'd have to buy it from some other retailer due to it not being produced anymore. He also said he assumed (ish) that a new Play:3 was in the works because they've always had a low end, mid end and high end when it comes to sounds. Play 1/one, Play:3, Play:5.

So exciting times once again 😃 😉
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A refreshed Sonos Three would tempt me to round out my collection with a pair for the bedroom since I've shifted two of my play 1s to surround duty. Two ones would do but a bit extra wouldn't hurt for the weekends when I would fire them up a bit. I do have a fair bit of overtime coming up. I've been holding off to see what they do.
Actually very stupid from Sonos not to mention anything around future plans of the Play3. Personally I would rather buy the Play3 instead of the 1, because the 3 has a much deeper sound. I have several 1's and 3's combined with the SUB. But coming back to marketing, Update your customers on upcoming chances, doesn't matter in the good or bad way.. If the 3 is out of stock, fine but when is it available again? is the 3 discontinued, als fine but communicate.. Will it be replaced with a new one, even better, but also communicate that,. First there was only Sonos, but now there are many competitors in this market space and especially in the Play3 segment. Last week I visited a friend of mine and he installed the Denon Heos speakers, and was impressed of the quality.. So Sonos Marketing, what are the plans for 2019?
Sonos is quite tight lipped about these things. That is their way, and there are arguments both for and against this philosophy. Whatever they are, I've not seen this policy change much over the years.
I just got my first Sonos speaker, a Play One. I want a Sonos for my bedroom and I'll be holding out for a Play Three.