Update Beam gen2 to ARC or One Sl to Era 300??

  • 19 November 2023
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Hi, sorry about my english.

I have Sonos Beam gen2, Sub Mini and 2 rear Sonos One Sl.

My room is not too big, and I am in love with my set up.

I am thinking about upgrade something. Do not now where i will find more improvement, going for an Arc or replacing the 2 rear One sl with 2 Era 300.

I read about people can not hear dialogs as well as it must be with the ARC.

Do Sonos use to made offers better on Christmas than Black Friday  for Era 300 (15% off with renove plan now) or ARC (now 799 Euros?)

3 replies

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The wider speaker placement and larger speakers in the Arc as well as the better Atmos support will probably get you the most noticeable boost.

The 300 surrounds would get you better Atmos support but I’m not sure the sound improvements would be that large over the One SLs.


I moved my Beam to another room, with no TV, and just use it as a very unobtrusive normal speaker.

Thanks, I think I will go for an ARC, there is no way to try at a shop here in Spain.

I’ve found the Arc to be quite room specific when it comes to Atmos.  My room is open to one side, but has flat 9’ ceilings and is approximately 11’ from screen to seating area.  I find this to be optimum and the Atmos effects are pronounced (an Atmos heavy scene in the new Apple TV+ Monarch series had me in awe last night).  If your ceilings are not flat, or the viewing area is not in the sweet spot of 8-10ft ceilings and 10-13’ from the screen, you may not get the full Atmos experience from the Arc.