Two Play 5 vs two pay 1 and sub

  • 8 April 2017
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Hey everyone... I used to have 2 play ones till i gifted one to my parents. (only one left) ;)

so whats sounds better as the title asks?
Im filling the sound of a living room with is 30' x 18' and a dining room of 18 x18' one speaker would be in dining room the other in living room...
this also fills the entire main floor like kitchen and hallway....

just wanted to know what would sound better?
Two Play 5 or two pay 1 and sub

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4 replies

I also suggest you see these as two separate rooms, given their size; to be grouped when necessary. The dining room may be adequately served by one play 5.
The dining room and living room would be in stereo mode as they are open concept.
I saw the link above and it seems to be a hard decision
No one has a straight answer. Seems to be good both ways 😕
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WARNING: However you start you will end up buying more as you cannot go wrong with Sonos! Do what your budget allows for now and you can always (and will) get more. LOL....