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  • 29 March 2018
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Playing tv through my connect:Amp. I have a Connect:Amp and would like to play tv / movies through the system speakers. I have a headphone jack on the back of my TV with a converter extension to RCA. I plug in the jack to the tv and the RCA extensions to the Connect:Amp. I switch my tv to jack / optimal output and then go to the sonos app to choose line-in. It looks like it’s all working fine but there is no sound. What’s the deal? Thanks.

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9 replies

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It should work, and it sounds like you've done what's required. First, verify the TV sound output by plugging in a pair of headphones directly into the TV headphone socket.
Thanks. I will try this today and report back. I’ll test the two different tv output settings to see which one provides the headphones with sound. From there, provided one works, I’ll need to address the iPhone app settings.
Ok, the headphones did not work when connected to the tv. I tried a bunch of settings. It’s Samsung smart tv series 6 I believe. It’s as though the jack does not output any sound regardless of what is hooked into it. My sonos amp recognizes a line in when connected and the sound indicator ggoes up and down like volume is playing, but no sound. Perhaps it’s a setting on the tv. I have selected Settings > Sound Output > and then audio out / optical. Doesn’t work. Do you need to use both? Optical as well? Connect amp doesn’t have a place for that.
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You can use one of these to convert the optical audio output to RCA for the Connect:Amp
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what exact model tv do you have?
Samsung 6 series. I bought the converter. Will see if it works.
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that will work - I was wanting specific model number to see the rest of the outputs. The adapter is better then headphone jack anyhow as it won't mute internal tv speakers.
Ok. The converter came today. Hooked it all up. Only got a buzzing static noise from my speakers / amp. I tried different RCA cables to be sure. Checked all hook ups, wiggled wires. Nothing helped. I’m am lost. I don’t get why it is so hard to get two expensive items to connect.
Got it working! After a beer and then wine. Don’t ask. It was a review from amazon of the product that clues me into the tv settings. Good call. While I was not on Dolby digital, I was on bitstream. I changed both to PCM and it worked. Pretty cool. No delay. Sonos needs to provide better ‘potential’ equipment needed especially for the amp product where simple line-in is. It possible. Cheers.