TV setup: TV+AppleTV+ARC or TV+AppleTV+AMP

  • 3 September 2022
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There are a number of conversations regarding problems with TV set-up, especially with Samsung TV’s not playing nice. Rather than troubleshooting problems, I’m interested in successes.

Specifically, has anyone combined a TV+AppleTV+ARC or TV+AppleTV+AMP (for ceiling speakers) where the TV remote controls Sonos Volume AND the volume level displays on the TV?  If yes, please share the details of your setup and TV make/model.



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2 replies

The volume control display has nothing whatsoever to do with Sonos, it is a function of the way CEC has been programmed to operate in the TV’s software. 

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I've never had volume level display on my Samsungs when my Beam is connected via HDMI-ARC  (using CEC). Just up or down.