TV + Playbar + wired rears

  • 28 October 2022
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Hello all,


I know this question has been asked in a variety of ways, but I can’t seem to find my exact answer.  I’ve listed the components of my system below:


Sony Bravia x950H

Apple TV 4k


Sonos Sub


I have the apple TV going into the Bravia via HDMI.  Optical out to the playbar and wirelessly connected sub.  No problem with this setup to date.

I recently moved into a location that has built in rear speakers that I would like to connect to this system as dedicated rears.  It seems I can purchase the Amp to accomplish this.  I have 2 questions:


1.)  Will I notice any latency in connecting the rear speakers with the Amp?  

If so, is there a way to avoid this with my current setup?

2.)  What would be the best way to setup?

In my mind, I would just add the Amp wirelessly to the group.  However, I have access to all the “guts” very easily, meaning, the location of the amp can connect to the same ethernet as the Playbar, and I also have access to the HDMI-arc from the TV or apple TV if needed.  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks


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1 reply

If the Amp is set up to drive ‘surrounds’ in Sonos, it becomes ‘bonded’ in Sonos parlance to the PLAYBAR, and consequently part of the same ‘room’, so no delays.

If, however, you set up the Amp as a separate room, those extra speakers won’t get ‘surround’ information, and will be around 75 ms delayed from the PLAYBAR, when playing any feed through the optical cable. However, any streamed music sent to those two rooms will be in sync.