TV and Ceiling speaker setup

  • 5 August 2022
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New to Sonos. 

3 Rooms / 2 have TV’s / 2 Ceiling Speakers in each room (6 total) - all speaker wire leads to utility closet


I purchased 3 amps (looks like I’ll be waiting awhile) for 3 zones to control music in each room.


My question - I purchased 2 Ray sound bars to connect my TV audio to respective amps via wifi to play TV audio on respective ceiling speakers. Because all speaker wire leads to a utility closet I am unable to directly connect my TV/Ray sound bar to the amp. 

This should do the trick if I want to use ceiling speakers for TV audio correct? 


Many thanks in advance.

1 reply

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with your ceiling speakers.

An amp can be bonded with a Ray so that your ceiling speakers play surround sound.  Those speakers should be behind the seating area. Also, the Ray would communicate with the Amp via 5 Ghz, which isn’t great through walls and long distances, so may be an issue depending on where your closet is located.  You can mitigate this by connecting them via ethernet.

If you want the ceiling speakers to play the same audio channels as your Ray, then the amp would need to be setup as a separate sonos room, and grouped with the Ray on case by case bases.  However, with this setup, the audio from the ceiling speakers will be slightly delayed and create an echo effect that many/most find unaccusable.  You won’t get that echo when playing from non-TV/music sources.

Worth noting that ceiling speakers are not ideal for surround sound duty.  A pair of Ones place at head level is better.  

Also if you really want the ceiling speakers to play front channel TV audio, don’t really care about the Ray as a soundbar, then you can connect the TV to amp via HDMI-ARC directly.  Maybe doesn’t work well with your closet location, but might be worth looking at longer cables or relocating to your amps.