To Boost, or not to Boost, that is the question.

  • 9 April 2020
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I’ve had a Bridge for 5 years and not had a single issue with our system.  We have a Playbar, Sub, 5 x Play:1, 1 x Play:3, 1 x Play:5.  I see the Bridge is now ‘legacy’.

Would the community recommend I replace the Bridge with Boost?  Only, I see some have had issues once they’ve moved to a Boost despite never having an issue whilst on the Bridge.

Many thanks in anticipation for any advice offered.


Best answer by ratty 9 April 2020, 18:41

On a system of that size, get a Boost. That’s assuming you can’t/won’t wire a player instead. Remember to add the Boost before removing the Bridge. 


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8 replies

On a system of that size, get a Boost. That’s assuming you can’t/won’t wire a player instead. Remember to add the Boost before removing the Bridge. 



Thanks ratty! Best wishes.


So I got a Boost to replace the Bridge and upgraded to S2.  We’d had no issues for 5 years or more whilst using the Bridge but since moving to the Boost we’ve had issues.  Our Play:3 which is in the same position in the house as it always was (Kitchen) is prone to drop outs and poor audio particularly when skipping to the next track.  I moved it near to our Theatre setup/Play:5 and it seemed somewhat better but when I joined it up with the Theatre setup, it was fine for a minute and then just dropped out for seconds before being picked up again.  One particular Play:1 in a bedroom is particularly unhappy also with drop outs/poor audio again particularly when skipping to the next track.  The other 2 Bedroom Play:1’s seem fine!  Everything is up to date.  Was it going on? 

What’s the audio source? Spotify?

Single room play, or grouped? 


Deezer on single play on Play:3 and just the one Play:1.  And also if I group the Play:3 to play sound from the TV from the Theatre set up (Playbar, Sub and 2 x Play:1) in the Lounge.  Both ways aren’t good.  Thanks!

You’d best submit a diagnostic and post the confirmation number. Do so within 10 minutes of a dropout. Someone from Support can take a look at the detail. 


Just an update on this issue.  I spoke with Sonos support on the phone some weeks ago and was on the phone for a good while.  They came up with a blank after about an hour of troubleshooting.  Anyway, thought I’d pick it up again today after installing a new TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh network.


There was no improvement to the issues we were seeing on the Play:3 despite installing the new mesh network.  I connected the Play:3 directly to one of the new Deco’s and it played fine.  When played wirelessly, it was poor audio again.


So, I thought I’d just do a factory reset following Sonos instructions online and reinstall the Play:3 to our system.  Hey presto!  Works fine!  It’s been driving me nuts ever since going to the Boost and S2.  Can’t understand why Sonos support didn’t just suggest doing this.


Hope it helps someone else!


A further update.  I noted it was still not perfect when skipping from one song to another but it was miles better than it had been prior to the factory reset.


However, I thought I’d set Trueplay up just now after it’s factory reset yesterday and it was absolutely awful following that.  I’ve just factory reset and updated it again and it’s back to what it was like earlier - not perfect but miles better.


I won’t be touching Trueplay on this Play:3 again!  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!