Three zones very far apart with spotty wifi connection

  • 16 October 2017
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Hey folks!

If I want to have three separate zones that are quite far apart from one another, and all of which have wired speakers, how would you recommend I go about doing that? I will be able to place my Connect (or primary base or whatever) at the router, and I can connect my first zone of speakers directly to that. Can I daisy-chain a Connect to two separate Play-1 boxes? Is that the most elegant solution?

The wifi connection isn't great, so I'm interested to hear what setup you'd recommend in two different scenarios:
- If I could get the wifi to work well
- If I wanted to connect all the zones using ethernet (presumably using daisy-chaining?)

Thank you for your help! I'm excited to become a Sonos fan but the hardware capabilities are a little confusing.

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5 replies

And if you do recommend the route of using multiple Play 1's, how do people typically connect hard-wired speakers to them if the only output is 1/8"?
Anyone? Please? I'd really like to order my equipment but I'm not totally sure which components to order.
I think you're slightly confused, or maybe I am. There's not enough information in your description to give you great advice, I think

For wired speakers, you'd want to be using a CONNECT: AMP, not a CONNECT. The difference between the two is the "AMP" part, and a pair of speaker posts that you'd connect your currently wired speakers to.

I'm not sure what you mean by "daisy chain" to PLAY:1 boxes. Do you mean wirelessly, or via ethernet cable?

The nice thing for you is, if you connect the CONNECT:AMP to your router with ethernet cable, you'd be setting up SonosNet, the mesh network that Sonos creates for connection. If you have bad wifi connection in your end locations, you could potentially put a Sonos device halfway between the two, so that it would pick up the signal from the CONNECT:AMP and send it on to any CONNECT:AMP you have powering the other wired speakers in the more remote locations.

Or, as you suggest, you could indeed "daisy-chain" using ethernet cables, so that all CONNECT:AMPs are connected through the one connected to your router.

I hope I've answered your questions, but feel free to ask for more specifics, and the community will do their best to answer. Just note, we're mostly other consumers like yourself, so we're not sitting here waiting for posts to answer. We stop by and check when we can 🙂
Thank you Bruce! Your feedback is exceedingly helpful and I really appreciate it. I should be able to take it from there. Thanks again!
You're quite welcome. Come back and let us know when it's all working 🙂