Thin - Colored Ethernet cables

  • 29 March 2018
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I got a flier from today that mentioned some thin Ethernet cables in multiple lengths and colors. If you are thinking about wiring your Sonos system one of these cables might be less visible than an older, fatter cable.

Cat 6 -

Cat 6A -

Cat 6 is likely more than you need for Sonos but I didn't see any Cat 5E cables like these there. Possibly on other sites too, maybe cheaper?

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5 replies

I must admit I prefer the flat ethernet gigabit cables, like this example on the Amazon website ... looks neater and easier to fold/roll-up and hide away the excess cable...
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The flat ones are nice but take up a fair bit more room, 7 mm x 1.5 mm versus 3.5 mm dia. Which to use depends on where it is going and going through. If you have to cut an end and replace it to pull the cable either full sized round or the flat are better choices, the little round one can be a bear to re-terminate.

I've used flat cables slipped under a baseboard over carpet along a wall to get an Ethernet cable where it needs to go but over tile or vinyl flooring there may not be room for a flat one underneath. A small round one may fit in behind the baseboard in that situation or if there is a void in the back of the baseboard or under the wall sheathing either would work.

Another issue is coming up a wall to a shelf, I try to use a painted to match cable raceway for that and the smaller the better. I've made custom small diameter power cables for that situation and a tiny Ethernet would again allow a smaller raceway. Depending on the situation though a flat cable matching the wall stuck up with double-sided tape could be even smaller. In a corner location I think the round disappears better too.

Just one more option to think about and cheap enough you can buy one of each and see what you like in your situation.

As a portable cable for testing or running out to the garden for a party the flat is far better, I keep a 100 foot length handy for that.
Yes lots of different reasons there to choose a variety of different types of cable... I have heard of some folk placing their cables inside flat garden hose to bury them in garden areas etc. I guess it’s down to whatever is really best for the type of job that you’re doing.

I certainly have to hide all cables as best I can, as my wife just hates to see them about the house.
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Garden hose works and it is far easier to install than conduit, not as shovel resistant though.
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I've been a fan of thin Cat6 cables by Leviton (6H460-xx, where xx are length and color)... but those cables from Monoprice are a lot cheaper.