• 13 September 2022
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I have a pretty simple issue which became complex enough to ask the forum. 

I have few SONOS speakers from IKEA (shelf and lamps) and want to connect them to my TCL TV (not Roku). The aim is to use a speaker from TV and SONOS (not SONOS only). 

I tried to find speakers via same WiFi - that didn`t worked. 
I tried to connect SONOS speakers via Apple TV (airplay) - that didn`t work, and as far as I read in that case you can only connect SONOS speakers, but TV speaker won`t work together. 
I can buy BEAM or RAY SONOS speaker - but as far as I`ve read I won`t be able to use my TV speaker together with other SONOS speakers. 

So, what is the simplest (and cheapest) solution to use in the same time fabulous TV speaker with Dolby Atmost, with IKEA SONOS speakers as rear speakers (without delay between TV and SONOS speakers) ?


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A Sonos Beam gen 2, if you’re after Atmos. That would be the cheapest solution. 


But yes, none of the Sonos solutions would allow you to continue to use the TV’s speakers. Not really something due to Sonos, but part of the CEC system that they use to connect.