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  • 17 March 2024
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I have a small wine shop. We have indoor retail space (1100 sq ft), an outdoor deck in the front 18x30 ft, and a small bench outdoors on the side. I want to stream background music in the 3 zones and manage volume separately. I currently stream Pandora for Business. Will 2 pair of outdoor speakers and the Amp work? How would I connect iPad/iPhone to stream Pandora? Bluetooth, cable? Or would I need another device?


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Hello @RayJFromVA, welcome to Sonos Community!

You can wire outdoor speakers to the Sonos Amp, as you mentioned, and using the Sonos App in your iOS devices, control and play music from Pandora using a private Wi-Fi.

Do you know about Sonos Pro and Sonos for Business? Have a look in those two websites I shared, as you might find the information you need.

Another thing you could do is contact our Sales team for a recommendation that would suit your needs and for more detailed instructions.

I hope this helps.