Suggested Subwoofer for Connect:Amp & Polk Audio RC60i speakers

  • 10 January 2018
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I am hoping someone who knows what they're talking about can help me with my query. I just bought a Connect:Amp to go with an internal/external speaker set-up I'm hoping to put into a new home. I'm running this with a Sonos One in the Kitchen area and plan to build on the set-up over time.

Living/Dining Area (5.4m x 4.2m) - 4 x Polk Audio RC60i
Outdoor wall to garden area - 2 x Polk Audio Atrium 4 Speakers

As I'll be running the above 6 speakers off the Connect:Amp, I intend to have two of the internal speakers on a manual switch with the external speakers, so only 4 speakers are ever running off the Connect:Amp at any one time (otherwise I believe I could blow it)

My question is two-fold:
1. Does the set-up above seem reasonable?
2. Are there any cheapish powered subwoofers people would recommend for the internal set-up? I can't afford to get a Sonos Amp right now, so looking for an interim solution for a while. Some recommendations I've seen:
- Wharfedale Diamond SW150
- Cambridge Audio SX-120

Many thanks in advance!



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1 reply

You will need at least two Connect Amps with that set up. If you want the Living and Dining Areas to be able to play separate sound apps, add a third. You can only hook a total of 4 speakers to each connect amp.