• 12 November 2016
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Got a Bose 3.2.1 (i know, I know) from my previous life for my TV set. Home now is crowded with a Play5 in my living room, one PLAY1 shouting music in my kitchen, another here on my left in the bedroom, another one waking me up in the bathroom. Eager to add some more. Wife seems interested. How about a playbar and a sub for the TV? Would it make difference? Is there anyone who already did the very same jump?
And, I was wondering... will the sub add some of its strength to the whole system? Being the low frequencies almost ubiquitous, it could add the "kick' to more than just the playbar? Maybe. Maybe I should add another play5 instead... trying to find the ultimate sound experience. well, be creative!
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3 replies

Firstly, remove the Bose system and upgrade to a Playbar and a Sub. This would give you the largest sound stage and yes it would add lower frequencies to all of the speakers given that they are all grouped together. I own two Play 5 Gen 2s and they are great in stereo mode, they produce a lot of bass and clarity but I'm also thinking that I need an additional sub. I'm currently in the process of Sonos-ing my home and I am looking to get multiple Play 1s. Hope this has helped! 🆒
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Playbar and sub will enhance the low end for your TV as long as it has an optical out. You can later expand the system to include Play1 x 2 or Play 3 x 2 for surround. However adding surround will depend on several other factors so post back with info on your TV before you do.

You can also play music thru the Playbar. Personally, I think it colors the music but you'll have to decide that based upon your listening experience. You can also bond the sub with any Sonos speaker or stereo pair but that means removing it from the Playbar to bond with another speaker then reversing the process to get it back to the Playbar. That's very time consuming.

Adding another Play 5 to make a stereo pair will definitely make great sound for music.

One last point about the sub...

You asked..."will it add strength to the whole system".

The sub can only be bonded to one speaker or stereo pair at a time. Assuming you group a speaker with another speaker (or stereo pair) with a bonded sub the resulting effect to the ear will appear to enhance the sound overall assuming all speakers are in the same room and in close proximity to each other. A grouped speaker in another room --- you'll probably notice little difference if any at all.

I hope this helps...Good luck.
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One more point as you didn't mention if your Play 5 is Gen 1 or Gen 2 (the newest model).

Play 5 (Gen1) is no longer available unless you're lucky to find a new one. Used Play 5 (Gen1) are found on various reseller sites like eBay.

You cannot combine a Play 5 (Gen1) with a Play 5 (Gen2) to make a stereo pair to create an expanded sound stage. They can be brought together in a grouping scenario but they would still be independent speakers creating their own sperate sound stage. Quite frankly, IMO grouping a Play 5 (Gen1) and Play 5 (Gen2) in the same room in side-by-side (or similarly close) setup will deliver offsetting frequencies. The Play 5 (Gen2) is noticeably better!

IGWS....if you already have a Play 5 (Gen2) then what I've written is mute. LOL