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  • 15 March 2021
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I have a large collection of live music.  Currently it is stored on the hard drive of a windows desktop pc, backed up on an external hard drive).  I am due for a new computer that functions as my stereo, and I have been slowly moving off windows, so I may upgrade to Ubuntu for the next generation of computer that stores/plays music in my house.  But that isn’t my question (but if Ubuntu is a bad idea, feel free to tell me)….

I am in the market for some wireless speakers.  I want to be able to play a playlist (which is a concert) that is currently stored on a hard drive on a computer in my office.  Ideally, I’d be able to play whatever concert I wanted in one or more rooms in the house.  

Bonus points- I also need a nice sound system for the TV.  If the same speakers can play music from the computer OR play sound from the the tv in the living room, that’s pretty much my perfect setup.  And then I could get another speaker for the kitchen (we need music when we cook), and maybe an indoor/outdoor speaker for the patio, and we’re all set.

Any feedback/thoughts on how to best accomplish all of this would be super appreciated!  


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Sonos allows you to stream your music library from any computer, or NAS, to any speaker in your Sonos system as long as you set up your library in the Sonos app or Sonos controller. Read more about it here:

For your TV, look at the Sonos Arc or Beam with the Sonos Sub.

For the kitchen, look at the Sonos Move so you can use it in the kitchen while cooking and then have the option to take it outside on the patio.