Stereo pr of play1's or play3's

  • 9 October 2016
  • 5 replies

I have a stereo pr of play1's in my kitchen which I love but am splitting them in 2 upstairs rooms. Is it worth the extra to buy 2 new play3's for the kitchen . How mUchida better is the sound ?

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5 replies

In which case, more of the same - play 1 units!
I think I would miss the stereo affect of the pr & don't really have the space for a 5 without it being on the worktop which I don't think would go down well with the "boss"
Or a single next gen 5 unit, if that can be conveniently placed.
So not worth it , just get 2 more play 1'some?
Not as much as you'd think, personally I wouldn't be surprised if the play:3 was dropped in the future.