Starting out - Playbar and TV

  • 25 October 2016
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I'm looking to begin my foray into sonos speakers.

I am going to be purchasing the playbar soon and a new television.

I have narrowed it down to these 3 options:

Sony Bravia 55XD7005
Samsung UE55KU6400
LG 55UH661V

I presume the Sony will function okay as its Sony?

I know that the playbar works with an optical connection will the other two tv's be able to handle it ok without any issues?


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4 replies

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I can't vouch for the Samsung nor the LG but the Sony XD series will pass through 5.1, so if it's your intention to go down that route, then this may assist in your decision.
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As clarification...AtterKing started you on the right path by mentioning DD 5.1 pass through. Just because a set has optical out does not mean it will pass DD 5.1. That factor becomes more important if you eventually want to consider adding a full Sonos surround setup (i.e. Playbar, sub and Play 1's or Play 3's as surrounds). The set MUST be able to pass DD 5.1 over optical. So if you decide against the Sony be sure you can return the set if you discover after- the-fact that it will not pass DD 5.1 over optical; assuming that capability is important to you.

The Playbar along regardless if the set passes DD 5.1 over optical will enhance your audio experience. Adding a sub increases the sound quality.
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Also. I noted an improvement in sound with just Playbar if I gave the Playbar a 5.1 input. (Obviously way better with Sub and surrounds)
Thanks for the replies, I'll be sure to check the 5.1 dd pass through before making my choice.