Stand that holds Sonos Five in place

  • 24 March 2023
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Hi all, 

I've got a pair of Sonos Fives that I'd like to buy stands for. I have a toddler so the speaker needs to be fixed to the stand in some way in case it gets a bump. A heavy base would be good also but I can work around this.

I've seen the Flexson stands but they're very expensive here in Australia (approx $400AUD each) and also Sanus but these don't appear to have anything that holds the speaker to the stand.

What stand are you using and would you recommend it?


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7 replies

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Hello @slammedunc and welcome to our Sonos Community!

I do not own any stands for my Sonos speakers unfortunately, but I hope by bumping the thread, another user may be able to have a recommendation for you.

I hope this helps.

There’s not a lot to add, you’ve already said  the Flexson stands are too expensive, which is what I use, and hold the PLAY:5 gen 2s I have in place. If you’re that concerned, I would consider something even more sturdy, like a BILLY Bookcase or a KALLAX to put your speakers on. Or something not from IKEA, those are merely suggestions to expand your thinking.  For a long time, I had my PLAY:5s just sitting on the cabinet that held my TV set, flanking the TV. 

I use generic speaker stands I bought on Amazon for less than $80…they work great!

Not sure what the connection method is to hold the speakers to the stands is on those, the OP is concerned about a child knocking the speakers off the stand. 

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In these circumstances I would not place top heavy speakers on stands.

Thanks for the replies all.

@Airgetlam great idea to use something from IKEA or similar, I’ll get a small cube type bookcase and put something heavy in the base. I’ve found a wall mounted corner shelf that will work for the other side - I would do this on both sides but there is a floor to ceiling corner window on one side. 

I’ll upgrade to some stands when the chance of getting bumped and knocked over is less of an issue.

Children do grow quickly :)