speakers for retail store

  • 24 October 2018
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Hi, I have a retail store with two rooms- one is 2600 sq ft, the other is 1100 sq ft. I want to stream music from a desktop computer, mostly from internet radio, pandora, spotify, youtube. I want the volume and sound to fill the room nicely, but not be too loud for conducting business and having conversations. Occasionally we will have a party and want to crank the sound. I'm thinking of 2 Play 5's for the larger room, and 2 Play 1's for the smaller room. Does that sound about right? Thanks!

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4 replies

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Its a good start - actually sounds about right. If you find you need to add extra you can always add another one somewhere.
Thanks Chris. Would you say there is any benefit to doing 4 Play 1's in the big room and 2 Play 1's in the small room?
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I guess depends on the layout. With one in all 4 corners your going to get consistent coverage through whole room. Vs. with Play:5s louder toward the Play:5s. If you want nice and even the Play:1s If you want to be able to crank up one side the 5s (will give you better lows). I would say the Play:5 is going to have a "WARMER" feel to its sound.
Thanks Chris.