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  • 11 October 2021
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Hi guys, new on here so excuse my lack of knowledge about speakers. I'm building a house and wanted some advice on speaker placement. I will mainly be using them for watching TV and listening to music. I was going to use the sonos arc, sub and 2 ceiling speakers for rears. I'm open to using wall mounted if that's a better option sound wise. I have included a picture of the room layout (circled) so all suggestions welcome, thanks. 



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8 replies

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Where exactly will the TV be located in the room?

I was thinking on the wall beside the double doors. Was thinking I could use the arc, sub and 2 wall or ceiling mounted speakers. The seating area will be directly across from the TV. No electrics have been done yet so I'm free to move wherever I want

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With the TV mounted beside the double doors, I am concerned that you will have an imbalanced audio experience because the Arc/TV will be so close to the wall on one side:


I think these other two options (if possible) would give you a more balanced audio experience in the room:



Option 2 looks OK, option 3 won't work as that's a window where the TV is. Do you think this setup would be OK for what I need or what would you suggest? 

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I think option 2 with the Arc, Sub, and two in-ceiling speakers (powered by an Amp) would work great. Option 2 would also be better if you want to see the TV from the kitchen. Option 1 would work best if you want to see the TV from the dining area.

Also, if you are getting a new TV, be sure to get one equipped with HDMI eARC so you can take advantage of the Arc’s full audio capabilities. But try to avoid Samsung TVs.

Thanks for the heads up, what's the issue with the Samsung? Connectivity issues? Should I have the ceiling speakers directly overhead or behind me and angled towards the seat, or will that make much difference? 

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Many Samsung TV owners have had eARC connectivity issues with the Arc.

I would install the in-ceiling speakers behind your main listening position and angle the speakers towards that spot.

Thats great, thanks for all the info