Soundbar, what now?

  • 5 April 2017
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I've recently purchased the Soundbar. I want to build on it now. This would be for TV viewing and music. I've been reading the reviews and will likely stay away from the Play 3. So, would you do a SUB for sure? If I did a SUB, then thinking 2 Play 1's. Or, should I skip the SUB and do maybe 1 Play 5? This is a downstairs open living room (with TV), dining room, kitchen area. It's about 1300 sf. I know I'll add Play 1's later for upstairs bedrooms. Thoughts?

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4 replies

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If it's only one room you can add a Sub as it will take your experience to the next level. You cannot add a single play 5 to the playbar to add surround you need a pair and there is no value in that as they will be underutilised. you could the add the play 1s later. Acoustically I find the play 1s have more depth and character than the playbar with music.
thanks. would you use the Play 1's for the surround or would you go Play 3's? And, for a couple of rooms upstairs, would you do 1's, 3's or 5's? They are bedrooms so not big.
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You want to add two play1 and the sub to the playbar. Then I would put play5 in the bedrooms and you Will be golden! Kris
Thanks all!