Sonos TV Audio without soundbar

  • 13 October 2019
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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me out with a bit of mess up I've made recently.
Basically we renovated a house which required a full rewire. For all media I've ran multipe CAT6 lines which will terminate to a patch in a server cupboard.

In our TV Room, we've created a false wall which has a recess built to the size of the current TV we have. I didn't give any thought to audio at the time, I knew I needed some sort of speaker system in the TV room, so on the back wall I ran CAT6 to each corner with a power socket with the loose intention of putting a Sonos one in each corner.

The mess up I've just realised is that in order for the Sonos One's to connect and play TV Audio, I need a sounbar also. Due to current design there's no way for me to do this. So my questions is can I put a Sonos Amp in my server cupboard and connect this to the tv via CAT6 in order for the two Sonos One's to work with the TV?

Would of been so much easier if I could fit in a soundbar!

Thanks everyone in advance and apologise for being an idiot!

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1 reply

The Amp will work for TV stereo and DD 5.1 surround sound. You can put it wherever it can reach the TV using (preferably) an HDMI lead or an optical cable to the TV and a (wired or wireless) connection to your network. Note there are limitations on the length of HDMI cable before deterioration may creep in. You should perhaps just check that online. I seem to recall no more than 15 feet being optimal, but just check that fact.

The Amp will need two third party passive speakers linked to it to play the front left/right channels. It will create a phantom center channel and the two play ones at the rear will play the two rear channels when ‘bonded’ to the Amp through its room settings.

For completeness you will need to add a sub (Optional) which can be placed anywhere in the room and that can either be a Wireless Sonos Sub or a 3rd party powered sub. The 3rd party sub will need to be wired to the Amp.

Hope that answers your questions.