Sonos Sub + Sonos Amp

  • 26 November 2023
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I am in the initial planning stages of a system for a new home currently under construction - more on that later.  Right now, quick question - If I have a Sonos Amp powering 4 ceiling speakers, can I wirelessly connect a Sonos Sub to that as well?  So my Amp powers the 4 ceiling speakers and the powered Sub connects wirelessly and works as well?


Or  - would it need to be wired to the Amp RCA?


Or - Am I better powering 2 ceiling speakers and a passive dual-voice coil sub in this zone?


I am concerned that ceiling speakers alone will not give the depth and bass that a sub will add.


I am brand new to Sonos - don’t own anything yet, but not new to home audio.

4 replies

The Sonos Sub will connect wirelessly.  As to choosing between the Sonos Sub and a 3rd party sub?  That's up to you and your budget.  The Sonos Sub is hard to beat, though.

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I’d go with the Sonos Sub unless you are going to go to in-wall subs to match your i ceiling speakers.

Whether or not the Sonos Sub would connect helps.  I need two zones on my rooftop (Indoor & Outdoor) and the Indoor needs 4 speakers and I’d like to have a sub - so I would need to use a powered sub in addition to the Sonos Amp.  The Sonos connecting wirelessly helps with wiring logistics, although I do have 2 JL Fathom subs I could use.  Outside, I really only need two speakers, which leaves 2 unused channels which could be used on a passive sub that was matched with the ceiling speakers.

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The Amp has a subwoofer output, so an active sub can be wired to this output. I personally use a Sonos Sub with my Beam and am very satisfied with it, so that could also be an option. The best way to connect the Sonos Sub would be wirelessly (there a dedicated 5Ghz link between Amp and Sub) so please be advised the Amp should not be too far from the Sub, i.e. in a utility closet or such.