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  • 20 November 2020
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Is it worth the money to get a sub

5 replies

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Hi @Littlechef99.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community, I totally understand where you're coming from and I’m here to help.

At this time we have a pandemic every dollar counts,

Yes, especially this coming holiday theirs a lot of sales that other stores might provide.

The wireless subwoofer for deep bass.

Hear and feel the difference when you connect Sub to your Sonos system.

Two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to the acoustic architecture and Two force-canceling drivers face inward for powerful bass without any cabinet buzz or rattle.

Let us know if it works. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

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Or the short answer: yes.

But maybe see what Black Friday might bring. 

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I think Sonos still do the money-back trial, so buy one, try it, and return it if you don’t like it. 

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I’d also suggest looking for a sale, from a place that accepts returns.

I love my Subs, when listening at above background levels they make a big difference. Same on a TV surround setup, you’ll really notice the lower end improvements.

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It depends what you want the sub for. I originally bought mine to add to my play 3 stereo pair.  I bought the pair, instead of a single play 5, so I could have the stereo sound stage and was disappointed with the low frequency response in the living room. The sub fixed it and turned it in to my favourite stereo. 

a few years on, I added a Beam for the tv.  I now use the sub and play 3 for surround and, well, watching a movie in 5.1 is amazing. 

if you have the dough available then yes it is worth it.