Sonos Port connect Denon RCD-N7

  • 17 January 2021
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New to Sonos and just running this by the community to confirm understanding of how this would work before purchasing the Sonos Port. Have recently purchased a Sonos Beam  for a new television and thinking to extend later throughout the house with other Sonos speakers.

Have existing Denon RCD-N7 (aka CEOL-N7) with speakers and record player attached to AUX-IN-1 inputs and wanting to play both CD’s and records through to the Sonos. Am presuming Sonos Port would do the trick?

Denon RCD-N7 AUX-OUT > Sonos Port In

Sonos Port out > Denon RCD-N7 AUX-IN-2

So when playing either vinyl or CD have the Denon set to the appropriate source (CD or AUX-1) and should play through the speakers connected to the Denon and also Sonos Beam / any additional Sonos speakers?

If streaming music through Sonos and have the Denon source set to AUX-2 then should get sound through the Denon speakers?

If my understanding is totally wrong then please let me know what would work best for this situation.

Thanks in advance


1 reply

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Yes, this should work both ways. Be aware most receivers can only route analoge sources tot the aux outs and not hdmi or spdif. So works for vinyl or cd.