Sonos Play 5 (Gen 1) Comparison

  • 8 June 2023
  • 1 reply

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I understand the first play5 is Sonos S1 compatible only. My question is how do you compare its sound quality (speaker power) to some of the newer speakers. 

Is it equal to a Sonos Era 100?  Sonos Move?  Sonos beam Gen 1?


I’m assuming it sounds better than the play 1 & play 3 but not as good as the newer Sonos 5. 

Curious on what people's thoughts are. Considering getting one or two for my work office space and using it there away from my home. 


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1 reply


Yes, a Play:5 (gen1) is now an old computerised speaker (manufactured between November 2009 and 2015). It sounds better than the Play:1 & 3, but not as good as Sonos Five or the new Era-300.

I guess the question is with such old components is how long it will last🤔? …but how long is a piece of string.

At some outlets here in the U.K. it is possible to get 6 years warranty on some new Sonos products and personally speaking, I would prefer to go that route for reliability/cover-protection aswell as better sound quality - my choice would be to purchase an Era-300. I think that’s a great speaker with access to all the latest Sonos features including line-in audio, Airplay-2 and Bluetooth connectivity.. plus it will provide access to streaming Atmos/UltraHD music services. It’s worth forking out that extra cash now I think, for the added peace of mind.