Sonos play 1. Should I buy one or two

  • 22 January 2018
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I am thinking about buying the sonos play 1. Would only one be enough or should I buy two. It is for my bedroom so the room is not that big.

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33 replies

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What is the deal with the trolls on this post? The OP asked an either/or question, not for a BOSE sales pitch. To answer the question, you should buy two. I started with one, and loved it. Adding another to a pair was simply no comparison.
As long as you live in a small house, they work fine. If you get a house big enough need multiple WAPs, not so much. Bose works without trolls or the need for this forum - thanks tho, your advice is very helpful. They should definitely buy two; just ALWAYS plan for those two to stay close together or you're screwed. Also, the customer service is crummy. You don't get any meaningful support and then you're a troll as well (because the technology is flawed).
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I'm not sure what the SSID means or subnet. I have a router the ISP provided downstairs and a router I bought and hardwired upstairs (connect to the ISP router downstairs with CAT5). The WAP upstairs is strong enough to get all the speakers except a single "one" down in my office (the one that keeps dropping out). It worked fine for about a month, now it comes and goes so we just turned the Bose back on in the office with Bluetooth - it works flawlessly EVERYTIME. The Sonos is buggy and works some of the time. And, again, Sonos support is pretty crappy - so don't expect much after the sale, whether you buy 1 or 2 doesn't matter - you probably should buy zero and get something that will work (in my opinion).

This should be another topic, if it is not a troll.

But SSID is the name of your wifi network.
Your single speaker that drops out, are you sure it is connected to the upstair wifi. Since the upstair router is hardwired to the one from the isp router. The ip address is most likely I would check if the single speaker that drops out is attach to or If it is the second, you upstairs speaker is attaching to the downstairs router. Also check which channel you have the sonosnet on. Is it on CH1, CH6 or CH11. Most 2.4ghz routers operate from channel 1-10 as default, ch11 to ch13 are extended. I would suggest moving the sonosnet to channel11 vs using the wifi router default channel. It works better imho. If the problem presist, You might need to get a sonos boost to reach the back room. while wifi is good for 130ft, that is unbated distance. No walls in the way. Steel reinforced concrete is the worst, cuts wifi to about 20ft.
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Hi everyone, this thread got a bit off topic, so let's try to keep things on point. Also, let's keep the language to a G rating and hold off from slinging around the troll word. There's no need to get hurtful.

I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble jennifer76 and Ohnos. That's not any sort of normal, and our support team can almost always help sort things out. Sonos should work great in large homes and small, with just one router or several. There are some tricks to pull, or just a setup that may need to be optimized for wireless communication. We can help.

I don't see any existing support tickets with our team under either of your emails, but you might have used a different email address with us. I'd love to look into what's happening with your cases and see if I can help in any way. If you'd like, please feel free to send me a private message with a different email address that you might have used, or if you have a reference number that's even better.

In general, if anyone's having trouble with Sonos, I suggest that you give us a call on our support line.
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Get help as Ryan mentions - I have a large house and have no issues at all. I also have a Mesh Wifi (Orbi) but I still run the Sonosnet Mesh network in conjunction for all Sonos units.

And ... the answer is really BUY at least 8
Start with one and see how you like it. Add a second if its easily returnable to see how it goes. If you’re not pleased with the stereo effect once you set it up or the full sound in the bedroom, try it in another room before returning it. I just bought two more Play:1s to add to the existing two. Once you get one, it’s hard to stop adding more.

Admittedly, I had a hard time with the Play:5s in my home office. Kept dropping off. Then I realized the wired player was on the first floor of the house and on the opposite side. With the help of the cats around here I wired in the Play:5s and they’ve been solid ever since. I still have an occasional problem connecting in my sunroom, but I know thats because of the brick and glass deflecting the signals. Hope to address that once it warms up out there in a couple of week.