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  • 5 December 2017
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Please help, please!....I am shortly to be purchasing a Sonos Play 1 for a Christmas present, and am totally lost with everything I have read thus far. Really, desperately basic please - can I buy this as a standalone speaker with no other Sonos equipment? Is this worth it? Main the ethernet connection required solely to connect the speakers initially and not required beyond that initial set up? Real novice over here - any help hugely enormously appreciated!!! Thank you so much.

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3 replies

It makes a good gift only for someone that has a good home WiFi environment that it needs as a foundation to work. And someone that will be willing take the time/effort to fix the glitches that may arise, that are part of any home audio wireless system.

With those caveats, yes to all your questions. Except that I am not even sure that ethernet connection is needed at the initial set up.
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You can click the link to learn how to setup Sonos for your particular environment. There are two options: Standard (which uses the home Wi-Fi ) and Boost (which uses the Sonos Mesh network).

If the Wi-Fi is spotty or if you think that even with a good Wi-Fi signal that in the long run the end-user is just not tech savvy enough to deal with a direct Wi-Fi setup you may want to consider the Boost. The Boost either uses the Sonos Play 1 directly wired via Ethernet to the router or a Sonos accessory called the Boost. The downside to using the Play 1 as a direct connect via Ethernet in Boost setup is that placement is limited and/or the router may be in a cabinet or elsewhere hidden. If that is the case the Boost setup is still possible by introducing the Boost accessory which serves as the hub for all Sonos speakers. Click the link to learn more about the Boost itself.

One word of advice before gifting the Play:1. Be sure the end-user either uses a supported streaming service such one of those in the link or has a music collection stored on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

The Sonos Play:1 makes a great gift as an introduction into the Sonos environment! Cheers!
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To avoid confusion.

Play:1. Standalone smallest speaker from Sonos

Sonos One. Standalone smallest speaker from Sonos WITH Alexa voice control integrated

Sonos Play 1 - could easily lead to confusion as to which speaker was were being referenced.