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  • 6 December 2018
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I live in a small 930 square foot condo. I caught the Sonos addiction. For the main living area I have a playbase and sub. This living area is open concept to a small eating area and kitchen. In my Master bedroom I have 1 x One and another 1 x One in the master ensuite. The playbase does an awesome job filling the main area (including the kitchen area) for music and also provides excellent audio output for watching tv. I am going to add 2 x Ones to the main area to have 5.1 for TV/movies. At the same time after researching the countless threads on play 5 vs play One pairs etc. I have decided I also want a pair of Sonos in my bedroom for true stereo. After reading the positive reviews of stereo I took the One from the ensuite to try stereo in the bedroom and it is amazing. Not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. For the ensuite the 1 x One is perfect. Sorry for all the details. Now the question as I am coming to the max speakers for my condo so now is the time for me to make a final decision. My bedroom is about 12 x 12. I believe a pair of One’s makes the most sense and probably looks the best on the night stands. But after spending all this money I have yet to add the flagship 2nd Gen Play 5 to my home? Which I have heard and sounds awesome. So is it crazy to pair 2 Play 5’s in the master bedroom? Keep in mind this is also a condo building with neighbors! Lol maybe one Play 5 in the bedroom? But I know I will just keep thinking I want a pair for true stereo and end up getting the second 5. So do I buy 3 more Ones or 1 more One and 2 Play 5’s? There is obviously a significant price difference as well. Thanks for any input!

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1 reply

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Hi CanadianSonosJunkie

In your case in comes down to how much your budget can bare:8. Two Play 5's in a bed room may be overkill. The benefit vs a stereo pair of Sonos One's would be better low-end at lower volumes. A single Play 5 IMO would not satisfy your hunger for true stereo separation. All that said.. I'd go with the additional Sonos One's x 3. You'll finish your HT setup and get stereo in the bedroom and maximize your dollar spend.