Sonos One vs Sonos Play:1

  • 24 September 2018
  • 6 replies

Is there any reason to get the Sonos One over the Play:1 if you have the Beam which already comes with Alexa?

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6 replies

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Probably not. The Sonos Play 1 has a mounting screw thread making it more secure in wall mounts or stands.
By 2025, the play 1 has a higher chance of being no longer supported by Sonos, in comparison to the One. If you are looking that far out.
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Hi bayman

On the surface looking at the Sonos One strictly as a speaker vs the Play 1; probably not. Although some claim they hear a slight difference with the Sonos One being the better of the two. Only your ear can make that definitive comparison.

As of today assuming you have the Sonos One in another room you could command it to play whatever on the Beam which is something you cannot do with a Play 1. Such as "Alexa play smooth jazz on TV" (which is the name of the Beam).

Looking toward the future the Sonos One is the speaker to buy. IMO all Sonos speakers will follow the same line of development going forward. The Beam is a perfect example. Just my opinion :8

Will having Play Ones help with better voice control? I feel like I have to speak really loudly or shout at the Beam sometimes from my couch.
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Probably not as both have state-of- the-art microphone arrays. However, below is a link on trouble shooting Alexa voice control.


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In a word lifespan. Pay an extra few bucks now for the Sonos One and get an extra two or three years of support verses the Play One. The Play One is going the way of the buffalo the Sonos One is its replacement. Its as simple as that. I've got a 100 dollar bet going with a buddy that the play one will be EOSL (end of sales life) by the end of 2019.

Why are Sonos waiting? Google support for the Sonos One and decent margins on the Play One. If Amazon pull Alexa support for Sonos before Google is integrated it would massively ding Sonos share price and make them look silly. As soon as Google assistant is integrated I'm pretty sure its 'bye bye Play One.'