Sonos One Floor Stands any updates

  • 24 July 2018
  • 3 replies

I have seen a few topics on this but i was wondering, are there any updates or new stands out that actually work with or are specifically made for the sonos one?

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3 replies

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Looking at the Sonos website, there appear to be floor stands for the Sonos One from both Flexson and Sanus. They appear on the Sonos Shop page about 3/4 of the way down the page (at least in the EN-US version of the page).

Since there's nothing on the Sonos One to securely fasten a stand to (unlike the Play:1 which has a threaded hole on the back), I question how securely it might hold the speaker if bumped.
I actually just recently setup a pair of play:1s with the Sanus stands. In that case, it's not even using the threaded hole in the back. It's basically has a middle insert that sort of holds the play:1 using the empty space underneath the play:1 where the power cord is located. It seems pretty stable, but I wouldn't put it in a high traffic area. I believe the Sonos One is held the same way. Pics on this website demonstrate it pretty well.
i have done some reading and it appears the flexon FLXS1FS2021 are the only ones actually made for sonos ones it seems the product code FLXS1 vs other stands FLXP1 give that clue but still trying to figure it out. but i have read what mel says a lot that the sonos one just rests on the stands. thats kind of what prompted me to post and see if there were any updated stands out there.