Sonos One + 2 Play 1's or Play 5 with Echo Dot?

  • 2 February 2018
  • 31 replies

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You don’t have to wire the dot to the play:5. You can use Sonos skill to send music to the play:5 wirelessly.
OK, so in fact you're not controlling your sonos speakers, you just send music from echo dot to sonos speaker. So if I use a streaming service that is not available on echo, I can't play it on sonos, right ?
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You can not voice direct a service via echo that the echo doesn’t support. Correct. Like if you use Apple Music you can’t voice command it via an echo. (Of course with airplay 2 you can do that via Siri on your phone instead)
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It will send right now minimal direct commands like volume up down or play pause skip etc.
It depends. If you're just controlling the music on the PLAY:5, it doesn't have to be wired. But if you're using the PLAY:5 as a replacement "speaker" for the dot, you'd need to connect it.
I don't want to listen to music from the dot, I want to use the streaming service I have on sonos (Qobuz)...


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