Sonos nest, hue. Can i make this work?

  • 23 January 2018
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Hey everyone,
So i have a play:1 right now and i'm looking at exchanging it for the sonos one.

in trying to make my house more smart connected i'm looking at getting a nest or other smart thermostat, maybe some Philips hue bulbs.. We're an Apple house so homekit compatibility would be nice.

Will the sonos one work with all this? or will i need to get the homepod, or google home??

I also read that play:1 and sonos one can't be synced to play in stereo?

What other info am i missing here??


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2 replies

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Alexa ability of the Sonos One will directly control Phillips hue and Nest.

I also use Samsung Smartthings hub in order to have even further control of scenes etc. and makes a great addition to home control. I avoided homekit as too apple proprietary.

The Sonos App won't link together Play:1 and Sonos One as a stereo pair as they are not exactly the same. You can group them (they won't be Left Right then). Or you can use apple app called Sonosequencr which will force pair the two as a Left/Right stereo pair.
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Here’s the rundown.
Sonos does not work with Alexa yet in Canada. It is supposed to be ready sometime this year. Supposedly June but you never know. It does not work for Google either.
I have Google mini and Alexa. Both of them connect to nest thermostat which is really cool. So for example you can see to google, turn the heat down to 19°. I’ve got it hooked up to iHome switches, so you can tell it to turn off the corner light. Again pretty cool.
When it comes to Sonos and Canada we are far behind. A bit of an afterthought at the moment unfortunately.

For things like the Phillips hue bulbs they work very well with either system. If you really want to get crazy you can start installing some smart switches like we mo or LUtron. I find it easy to start with one and determine if you like it and then buy more. You may even find some others on Kijiji.
Good luck with the new set up and don’t tell your spouse you’re spending all that money ha ha