Sonos Move and turntable compatability

I want to buy a Sonos Move and a bluetooth turntable. I was considering a Cambridge Audio Alva TT or a Yamaha Musicast Vinyl 500

Can anyone confirm that either of these are compatible with a Sonos Move or suggest a better turntable alternative.    

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I would not buy a Move to use with a Bluetooth turntable.  It’s not really practical, and there are far better solutions for less money. 

I also considered getting a BT turntable and connect it to the Sonos Move. In the same time I spent days figuring out if it's a good idea since I know it bends the rules of quality but I love the sound of Sonos speakers and hoped to find a way to enjoy the records this way. Could you please point me to another solution than the Move? It would save me now as the turntable is already on the way while the Move is only under (heavy) consideration :)) thanks for advices! 

I would not buy a Move to use with a Bluetooth turntable.  It’s not really practical, and there are far better solutions for less money. 


I wouldn’t use Bluetooth at all. Connect a pre-amped turntable to a Sonos Line in (either a Five or a Port) and the turntable’s output will be in the Sonos ecosystem, so you can play it on any of your Sonos speakers. 

The Move will not allow you to play a Bluetooth turntable on your other Sonos speakers.  In Bluetooth mode, the Move is no longer connected to the Sonos system.

Move would be my first Sonos speaker in the house. Tough I love their sound and I like the option of creating an ecosystem, I don't think I gonna expand on them anytime soon as they are a bit pricy to me. The Move seemed to be a good go to if I still want to enjoy some of its sound.

Probably my greatest dilemma is whether the TT works good with Move in general. If it returns the Sonos sound experience we are generally expecting from their speakers :)

The reason why I got interested in this thread is that there was a word about tackling the BT TT with a good speaker some other, cheaper way than Move.

Thanks for advices :) 



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I’m assuming you want to use a turntable to connect to the move due to sound quality?  In which case Bluetooth will kill that advantage and it will only allow a mono connection on the Move when on this mode too.

As above there are better options.

A mono setting would be a great killer alright. Hmm, I might consider using classical connection trough cable then. Could you point me towards some speakers with comparable quality and price range? I'm not sure how much is it okay tough to advice a different brand on that forum :D I know that the Sonos 5 and Port are above my price range already :/ 

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I'm using the port with my AT turntable and I have it streaming to all my Sonos speakers in the house.. it works great. I have a Beam and 3 Moves.

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Part II to this.. SCORE! i just bought this $99 dollar bluetooth from target (heyday) and it works with the sonos move. It works great, sounds great.. I’m very pleased with this solution. so now i have one turntable upstairs (Audio Technica AT LP120) which works great thorughout the house wifi, and then the Target Heyday bluetooth one that works with the sonos move in bluetooth mode.. so stoked!

Userlevel 2 last thing. I’m an audiophile/vinyl snob etc.. and anyone saying to “not do this”, is just wrong. Sure its not the purist way, but c’mon people lets leverage the technology out there to enjoy what we have. The sonos vinyl experience either with wireless or bluetooth is outstanding and convenient. I was raised on vinyl and portable record players and even high end stuff in the 70’s and 80’s and this current scenario truly rocks.