Sonos Introduction

  • 13 December 2016
  • 3 replies

I have a relative that I would like to introduce to Sonos. What is the least expensive way to introduce Sonos into their home?

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3 replies

Buy a Play:1. It's the cheapest speaker, and many would argue the best sounding one, for most purposes. Be forewarned, much like the potato chip maker says, you can't eat just one.
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Get them a pair of play1.

You also want to be sure that Sonos meets the listening styles and user preferences.

Play 1 units, while excellent speakers, will not allow existing CD players and CDs to be used, but they are excellent for internet supplied music. They do a very good job with owned music of course, but if that is in the form of CDs, time/money investment is needed to first transfer that to a NAS - once that is done, the outcomes are better than before, but that investment is needed.