Sonos integration with Denon Zones1 and 2

  • 25 October 2019
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Hi all, 

I am currently in the market for some Sonos gear and am trying to work out what I need to get the most out of the current home theatre audio that I already have.

My overall goal is to be able to output different audio to all zones in my house at the same time or any combination of groups.

Current Set up:

My home theatre currently has a Denon X1500 which is set to 5.1 and outputs to some polk audio fronts, bookshelfs and sub. The remaining two channels are set to “Zone2” and output audio to 2 outdoor Boston speakers.

The input to the amp is currently Desktop Computer, Xbox, Playstation.

Future Set up:

I would like to add 2 Sonos Ones. 1 to the other living area/kitchen and the other to the study.
I would also like to add a Sonos connect/port to the home theatre in order to pass music from the Sonos amp to the home theatre speakers. This is where my questions begin.

1. If the amp is off or set to another input (ie Desktop) and somebody pushes audio to the Sonos Port, the Denon will automatically turn on and set itself to the input the Port connected to OR if the Denon was already on but set to a different input, it will change the input to the one Port is connected to. Meaning that if somebody was watching Netflix via the Desktop and somebody else pushed audio to the Denon, the input would be changed from Desktop and therefore, the persion wouldn’t be able to continue watching Netflix.

2. I understand that to have audio played in Main Zone and Zone 2, I can turn zone 2 of the Denon on, set it to the input the Port is connected to and wallah, audio will be played to both Main and Zone 2. Is it possible though to push different audio to Main Zone and different audio to Zone 2, via the Sonos app, at the same time?

A scenario I have in my head is where we might have a party at our house where younger kids are inside and the oldies are outside.

Denon Zone 2 will be playing Creedence Clearwater (Controlled by my phone and my wife’s phone)
Denon Main + both Sonos Ones will be playing Eminem (Controlled by my son’s phone)

Thanks in advance guys and sorry if this has already been answered a million times and/or it’s in the wrong spot.



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2 replies

I’m trying to do something similar and was exploring the X1500 as an option. Just to clarify, for #1 are you saying the Denon automatically kicks over or asking if it will?  My goal would be for it to automatically connect via Sonos so I wouldn’t have to manually turn on the receiver and change the input every time I wanted to use the home theater speakers as part of the Sonos ecosystem.  

If it does kick over, I can see the problem with interrupting the content, but curious if it actually does.  That maybe be your question, so I apologize if I’m repeating it with a different objective. 


For #2, my understanding is that each Port is only one zone, so you would have to have two Ports to establish two zones. 

1. More asking if it will. I know that the port can turn the amp on of its off but is it smart enough to also change the input or do you have to do it manually. 


2. Yep that makes sense. Costly $$$.


I've since discovered the Google home ecosystem and will most likely grab a couple of chromecasts to connect to the amp. Much cheaper option. 


Note: zone 2 will only play analog on the Denon so I'm going to need a chromecast audio with a 3.5mm to rca cable or a normal chromecast with a hdmi audio extractor.


If I had already bought some Sonos speakers, I would have gone the Sonos port route but given I only have my denon and Boston outdoor speakers as a base, the Google ecosystem seems a much easier and cheaper way.