Sonos For Surrounds - Traditional Amp and LCR

  • 6 February 2019
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Hi guys,

I've got a pioneer amp with really nice Proac Stereo speakers and a Dali Vokal Centre speaker. I also have pioneer surrounds and a Yamaha Sub. I've just moved into a new apartment and don't want to run cables from the front where the tv/amp/LCR is to the back where the Yamaha sub & Pioneer surrounds are.
I already have a Sonos Play 1 and would like to buy a Sonos One and Sub to use as surrounds and sub - how would I be able to use that with my traditional LCR/Amp? It looks like the connect only has a stereo analog in which apparently has a 75ms lag - I use this system to listen to music in Stereo with a sub and watch tv (from Apple TV - hdmi from tv>optical from ATV to amp) in surround sound. Is this possible at all? Maybe with connect and the new Sonos amp I could power the back stereo and sub - again the lag would be a problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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1 reply

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Hi stefandurandt

Unfortunately, you can not intergrade Sonos products in the manner you desire. Also, you can not mix Play 1's with Sonos One's for pairing as a stereo pair nor as surrounds.

The Connect was never meant to (nor will it ) drive surrounds speakers even in a full Sonos HT system. The products designed to drive surround speakers are the Connect Amp and the Sonos Amp.

The only integration you can do with your AV setup would be to connect a Sonos Connect via a loop (i.e. line-in and line-out) to send music via Sonos to your Proac Stereo speakers (line-in). The reverse would be to send audio from a component attached to your AV receiver such as a turntable or CD player to other Sonos speakers in your home (Line-out).

Feel free to post back if you'd like help on setting up a complete Sonos HT system.