Sonos for great room 36x36

  • 23 November 2021
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Hi Everybody,

I’m pondering a Sonos setup for my great room. It’s pretty large… 36x36 with mild vaulting, and the TV is in the corner. I’m thinking of the Arc under the TV, and assume I’d need a couple rear speakers. We’d use it for TV, streaming shows & movies 2/3 of the time, and music 1/3 of the time.  Thanks for any suggestions you might have!



4 replies

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I would go with an Arc. If you have the budget, add a Sub and two One SLs as surrounds. But I’m not sure you have good spots to put two surround speakers. You might have to get some speaker stands.

Because your ceilings aren’t flat, you probably won’t hear much from the upward firing drivers when watching Dolby Atmos content though.

Thanks very much, @GuitarSuperstar! I do have locations picked out for rear speakers. It won’t be very symmetrical due to the odd shape of the room, and where electricity is available. The right rear speaker will be 34 feet away from the Arc soundbar, and the left will be about 26 feet away. Do you see any issue with the distance gap? Should I try to make the distance the same for the rear speakers?

I’m thinking I’ll start with the two One SL’s, then add a subwoofer a little later.

Thanks for the help on this!


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It depends on where you are sitting. If you are sitting in the center directly in front of the Arc, it will sound imbalanced. But looking at your photo and seating layout, people will be seated on one side or the other anyway. So even if the surrounds placement was perfectly symmetrical, it would still sound imbalanced.

Be sure to perform Trueplay tuning after you set up the surrounds. It could help some.

Makes sense, yes, the balance will depend on where you’re sitting.  Yes, I will do the Trueplay tuning.