Sonos for a retail store

  • 27 November 2023
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Hi there I am trying to set up some sound for a retail store. 


The store is about 50m2 (500 sqft). It’s a dispensary so I def. want to create a vibe in there but not blast it super loud. 


Behind the counter there is a flat surface with plenty of space to put a record player and speakers. 

Am I better off buying two fives or 4 smaller ones with a sub ? How would I connect the vinyl player to the system ? I know it can connect to the Fives, can it also connect to smaller speakers ? 


Since it is a retail store with rotating staff I want something fool-proof, so a wired solution between record player and speaker is preferred over anything Bluetooth. 


Thanks for any help !


3 replies

Sound solutions for businesses, including music licences etc. usually start with ‘Sonos Pro’, so maybe see this link to perhaps get you started with the setup you’re looking for:

Personally, I would not want a turntable for use by retail staff.

Anyway, FIVE, AMP, PORT, and the ERA speakers (when using the USB Line-In adapter) will accept a turntable. You’ll need a turntable with a built-in or external preamp.

I don’t recommend speakers on the counter. Use four or more speakers distributed around the room. Mount the speakers above the humans. This will give the best audible results and discourage theft.

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Five behind the counter, 2 Era 100s in opposite corners with a Sub bonded with them and stuck in a corner where the low frequencies will be reinforced.